Quantum Dots

Title Quantum Dots
Author Tapash Chakraborty (Author)
Publisher Elsevier Science 
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-0444539526
ISBN-10: 0444539522
Length368 pages

The book is about the electronic and optical properties of two low-dimensional systems: quantum dots and quantum antidots. It consists of two parts.

The first part is a self- contained monograph. This part describes in detail the theoretical and experimental background for the exploration of electronic states of the quantum-confined systems. Starting from the single-electron picture of the system, the book describes various experimental methods that provide important information about those systems.

Turning to many-electron systems, theoretical developments are described in detail and their experimental consequences are also discussed. The field has witnessed almost explosive growth and some of the future directions of explorations are highlighted toward the end of the monograph.

The subject matter of the book is dealt with in such a manner that it is accessible to the beginners but it should also be useful for expert researchers as a comprehensive review of most of the developments in the field. The list of references is also fairly complete (up to the time of publication). This book also contains 37 reprinted articles that are selected to provide a first-hand picture of the overall developments in the field. The early papers are arranged to portray the developments somewhat chronologically. More recent papers are supposed to be fair representation of all the various directions current investigations are leading to.

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